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The following resources will tell you more about the experiences of children with disabilities and their carers, including those living in South Africa. We support all who uphold the rights of children with disabilities to a fair chance to survive, thrive, receive protection and participate in the community on an equal basis.

Having a special concern for children who need posture support and wheelchairs, it is important to understand what an ‘appropriate’ wheelchair is, and how this enables the first step towards participation in society. The ‘appropriate’ wheelchair, when provided within systems aligned with best practice in wheelchair provision, may improve the quality of life for people with mobility impairments.

Policy and Strategy
United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.pdf
United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.pdf
Education White Paper 6.pdf
DOBE - Report on te Implementation of White Paper 6 on Inclusive Education.pdf

Early Childhood Development
2012_UNICEF_Early childhood dev and disability.pdf

Impact of disability on the lives of children
UN State of the Worlds Children Report_2013.pdf
2011 Hearing_the_voices_Sitan_children_with_disabilities_low_res1.pdf
2011 ACPF Children with disabilities in South Africa- The hidden reality.pdf
2015_UNICEF_Study on children with disabilities from birth to four years old in South Africa (Final - Unedited) 2015.pdf
UNICEF 2015 A fair chance for every child 22May15v2.pdf

Inclusive Education

Assistive Technology
What is an appropriate wheelchair.pdf
2010_WHO_wheelchair fact sheet.pdf
2012_One size fits all_SAMJ_Zithulele.pdf
2015 WHO UNICEF Assistive-Tech-Web.pdf
Wheelchairs in less resourced settings

Child Protection
Childrens act guide for ECD practitioners - Copy.pdf
Childrens Act Guide for Health Professionals 2013.pdf
2011_Childrens Act_guide_cycw_.pdf

Research Articles
2014_Kuper_30 countries_Impact of disability on the lives of children Kuper et al 2014.pdf
Policy Implementation in wheelchair service delivery in a rural South African setting.pdf
Siphokazi With or Without Us
You must carry your wheelchair Gubela Mgi.pdf