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Uhambo Foundation is committed to ensuring that children with mobility and other disabilities, their parents, families, caregivers and communities are empowered, receive quality information, accessible resources and the holistic support needed to reduce inequality and enabling social inclusion at all levels of possibility now and into the future.

Uhambo Foundation employs a holistic approach in our community engagement. Our programmes are interlinked and we engage with partners within an area to build an inclusive society for children with mobility and other disabilities.

Uhambo Foundation’s vision is to reduce inequalities for children with all disabilities, through focusing on empowering parents and caregivers of children and youth with mobility and other disabilities in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Uhambo Foundation’s team is comprised of community workers, programme facilitators and a social work team who work together to deliver capacity building programmes, training, support services, resource development, awareness raising, advocacy, lobbying and policy development to support the empowerment of children with mobility devices, their parents, families, caregivers and communities.

Ndinogona "I Can" Stimulation Programme
The Ndinogona “I Can” Stimulation Programme was developed to build capacity for inclusive day care centres to support all children as they start their education.

Ndinogona is a mentored, practical training programme accompanied by a both a user friendly manual and a kit containing all the tools and resources for over 100 interactive and educational activities. It includes guidelines on appropriate positioning and seating for improved function and how to adapt each activity to suit a wide range of abilities.

Ndinogona helps transform day care centres from places of safety, to places of schooling.

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Ndinogona Stimulation Programme

Ndinogona Stimulation Programme