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How we work

Our social work team, alongside our community workers, therapists and program facilitators, implement a range of programmes that target the needs of children with disabilities:

  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT: We offer support to individuals, families and communities, building capacity through Parent Champions and Parent Support Groups.
  • STIMULATION PROGRAM: All children have the right to opportunities for learning, development and education. Through the NDINOGONA stimulation program, we use play to develop the capacity of ECD and day care centres, special needs and inclusive schools to stimulate the learning and development of children with disabilities in the classroom.
  • SEATING SERVICES: In some cases the waiting list for assistive and wheelchair devices can be as long as three years. We work with both centres and individuals to support those in urgent need of assistive devices and support skills training of repair technicians and capacity building for therapists.
  • TRAINING: We run training programmes for social workers, other NPOs and service providers to help them to become more disability- aware, to enable them to screen and refer children and families affected by disability to existing, appropriate local support and services.
  • AWARENESS: Often invited to contribute to policy, conduct disability household surveys and develop resources for an inclusive society, Uhambo proudly lobbies for the rights of people with disabilities.
  • Our programmes are designed to work together partnerships in communities to create an inclusive society for all for the benefit of each child.