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Enabling children with disability to lead full and happy lives

Uhambo Foundation seeks to enable children with mobility and other disabilities to live full and satisfying lives embedded in their communities. We recognise that those who love, care for or live daily with these children depend on quality information, accessible resources, practical skills and ongoing networks of support to build their child’s strengths and pursue hopes and dreams. Most importantly they need to understand their key role to fight for the rights of their child to enjoy opportunities for development, learning, interaction and play in the wider community.

Uhambo Foundation employs a holistic approach in our community engagement. Our work is interlinked with many other services. We value these partnerships in building an inclusive society.

Uhambo Foundation’s vision is to reduce inequalities and barriers to participation for children with all disabilities. We do this primarily through our focus on parent and caregiver empowerment programs, in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Uhambo Foundation’s team of community workers, programme facilitators, therapists and social workers deliver capacity-building programmes, disability sensitization, skills training and refer as necessary to local support and services.

Our team is committed to advocacy, lobbying and policy development which ensures the empowerment of children with mobility devices, their parents, families, caregivers, supporters and communities.

Uhambo Foundation
Uhambo Foundation
Uhambo Foundation
Uhambo Foundation